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Rogers, AR 72758

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Greetings! I'm LeAnna Galyean, a proud South Carolinian born into a family with a rich military legacy. Growing up in Prairie Grove after a brief stint in Columbia, I developed a deep appreciation for the values instilled by my active-duty military parents.

Now, let me tell you about the epic romance that sparked when I met my Marine hubby fresh out of boot camp. We sealed the deal in 2010, threw a party in Jacksonville, NC, and the rest is hashtag history. After some military adventures, we settled in Little Rock, welcomed two adorable troublemakers, and in 2019, NWA called us back home.

So, how did I end up in the wild world of real estate? Well, it started with a nudge from our awesome REALTOR® during our own home-buying saga. "You'd be amazing at this," she said, and voila, here I am!

Now, let's talk passions. Homeownership for veterans and first responders is my jam. No hero should be without a cozy abode, right? And speaking of jams, I've got another obsession – baking! Sourdough is my spirit bread, and when you seal the deal with me, you might just get a side of fresh carbs at closing. ???

Whether I'm orchestrating a seamless property transaction or coaxing the perfect rise in my sourdough starter, my goal is to bring joy and fulfillment to your life. So, if you're ready to savor the perfect blend of real estate success and sourdough perfection, let's get started on this delectable journey together! ?????

"Where the aroma of success meets the warmth of home-baked happiness!"

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I recently purchased a home with LeAnna and had nothing but a great experience! She is very knowledgeable and dedicated to addressing her client’s needs. I will absolutely involve her in any future buying processes.

- Evan Mijares